How to Manage Anxiety

There are so many people who are experiencing anxiety. There are so many causes why an individual can experience anxiety. Some of these individuals may deny that they are experiencing such emotion. They feel ashamed about it and they are afraid that they may encounter rejection if they will confess about it. Such individual will have struggle in coping with many things.

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion that a person can feel such as worry, uneasiness, irritability, etc. This happens because a person knows that he can't control what's going to happen or what has happened. This is a result of an individual's aim to ensure that everything will be fine and nothing wrong will happen.

Despite the fact the anxiety can be pernicious, there are some form that can be easily overcome. Psychologists believe that anxiety can affect the productivity or performance of an individual. This will result to alertness an motivation if an individual will see it in a positive way. It can make an individual more efficient in whatever he is doing.

In other words, anxiety isn't bad at all times. We need to feel a bit anxious so that we will strive to do our best at work, in school, etc. Example, an athlete is feels anxious that another athlete will outwin him, therefore, he will prepare himself before the game and do his best during the game. However, if the stress is too much for a person to handle, such as a boss with too much deadlines to meet. He may feel discourage and will be out of focus.

In this article, we will discuss more on the negative type of anxiety and how an individual can mage and overcome it. Get more info here .

What Caused Anxiety

Some psychologists say that anxiety is an indirect feeling and don't have a cause. Others believe that anxiety is due to mental problems. Know more about anxiety at .

How to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety must be managed indirectly. If a person is suffering from the fear of rejection, he must realize that his anxiety is due to such fear. He must be able to re-frame his perception so that he can successfully overcome such fear.

There are lots of therapists who can help an individual who wants to overcome anxiety. Some of the behavior modification needed to overcome anxiety are thought-stopping, relaxation training, behavioral rehearsal, etc. These methods can be helpful but some may need further treatment. The person must be treat in a cognitive way. Then a behavioral treatment must follow if needed. Find more info from our site.